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Superb Service




The Rio Restaurant,

Opened 20 December 2006

Located in the heart of St Sauveur des Monts on 352 Rue Principale, is the home of the “Best Baby Back Ribs in the Laurentians”.

A favorite of locals, the Rio offers mouth-watering fresh home-cooking, including fall-off-the-bone Baby back ribs, and the famous Rio Brisket Sandwich, Duck Leg, Chicken Supreme, Butterfly shrimp, and Filet Doré, and a long list of appetizers that will surely tempt your palate.

The outdoor terrace or cozy interior and friendly staff will help make your visit a dining experience to remember.

The Rio`s Promise to You;

As the owners of The Rio, we are responsible for choosing the ingredients that go into your favorite foods.

We have chosen to use only the finest ingredients available. We start by making our products in-house every day.

Our sauces are home-made in small batches using the best bases available.

Premium baby back ribs, fresh chicken, fresh mushrooms, premium calamari, are a few of the examples of choice ingredients we use.

Because of our absolute commitment to freshness and quality,
We are not fast food, but our customers tell us we certainly are the best!
We Guarantee it!!!!!

The Rio Team


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